Friday, May 29, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: High Slit Long Hem Tee

Hi lovelies!

This is one of my favorite recent purchases.  I bought this shirt at the beginning of the year when it was still too cold to wear it without a coat. I was drawn to the length and the high slits on both sides.  It has my favorite balance of conservative with the crew neckline and short sleeves and edgy with the double slits and semi-sheer fabric.  But all of this was hidden under a bulky winter coat so now that it's gotten warmer, this baby has been making appearances!  Here I styled it with a multi-layer necklace, cutout shoes and skinny jeans but I've also worn it with a slouchy grey beanie for a more relaxed vibe.  Happy Weekend!

Oxblood long hem tee: similar here, here or here / skinnies: here / cutout heels: old, but these and these would look great too / necklace: similar here or here / bag: similar here

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration:Vintage Photo Tee

I picked up this vintage photo tee at a street fair on one of our lazy day strolls around the city.  The artist is a super chill photographer from the Bronx who's been snapping photos of street life over the past 30 years.  This pic of a teen from the 1980's spoke to me so I scooped it up.  You can find this tee and lots of other fresh gear at his online shop: TheConnArtist (direct item links below).

Vintage photo tee: 80's teen / another pick  Knife / Jeans: here / Chucks: here or here / Sunglasses (old): similar here

Hi everyone!  Priscilla here.  Well, this is me in all my glory.  *ahem* all my every day casual kinda glory.  I'm a mid-west girl born in Miami, bred in Missouri and current New York city dweller.  I share my lovely abode with my dashing husband and our spoiled fur baby.  Yeah, he's a beast.  LOL!  My obsessions: food (cooking AND eating), bargain shopping and getting completely lost in the world of Pinterest for hours on end exploring how I can do more of the aforementioned activities.

Anywho, a little bit about how I got here....

Last summer, we were taking one of our weekend strolls just wandering here and there when we passed a tourist couple in midtown.  As they squeezed between us and the mountain of fresh garbage piled up steaming in the summer heat and waiting to be taken away, the woman shuddered and said "ugh, how can anyone live here?"  I couldn't blame her.  NYC in the summer makes for one stinky situation.  But her comment got me thinking about life here.  The good, bad and the ugly and my personal experience with navigating it all.  Trust, it wasn't always easy- especially on a tiny paycheck.  But if there is one thing that is most beautiful about this town it is this:  opportunity abounds.  Opportunity to improve in love, lifestyle, experiences,  health and of course- style!  All without breaking the bank.  Can't wait to share this space with you all! 

Live well, lovelies!