Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love & Toast

Hi guys!  Can someone tell me why it was ridiculously cool out the past few days? It's June for cryin' out loud.  Nevertheless, if you live in the northeast, you couldn't be happier to see the sunshine after a few days of cold rain not to mention the relentlessly snowy winter we had.  My poor hands, they suffered so.  They were so dry.  I needed something small that I could keep in my bag and most of all, absorb quickly!  Honestly, I'd sooner have dry skin than slimy skin.  Yeah, I'm picky like that.

I didn't mean to find this little tube of goodness.  We just kinda crossed paths when I was buying something else.  Isn't she darling?  I'm a sucker for good packaging (check out the details on the flaps of the box too!) so of course I was drawn to her.  I know what you're thinking:  Yeah, it's a cute package but how good is the stuff inside?  It's great!  It smells delicious and is completely absorbed within a few seconds. These go for $9 a pop, which is great if it means I don't have to smear everything I touch after putting it on! I bought the Sugar Grapefruit (citrusy and sweet) but I loved Paper Flower and Gin Blossom too.

Tell me, what is your must-have, on-the-go moisturizer?  Share in the comments!

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