Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Motivation: Don't let people rent space...

Happy Monday!  I chose this quote today because it's something that I struggle with as I'm sure most of us do.  I often catch myself mulling over the events of a stressful day at work hours after I come home or replay a scenario where I feel I was wronged over and over again in my head.   But it's almost always for too long and results in more frustration.  Been there, huh?

While I've gotten a lot better at picking my battles, I still have to make a very conscious effort to let the insignificant things (and people) fall by the wayside.  Negative or toxic people only have as much power as you give them.  Their presence might not be something you can control but you CAN control how you let them effect you.  Try to nip it in the bud before that snowball of frustration has a chance to grow.  You'll thank yourself later.

This week's goal:  I will not only make more space to accept good tenants- I will BE a good tenant as well.

Have a great week! xoxo

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  1. Its a great saying and has a deep meaning in its lines. Dont let people accommodate your mind and get more tensions to you. Just think of good people and the good things.