Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gotta love science! And shoes.

                                                                                    Mon Amour Boutique, Etsy

We've all been there.  ::sideeye:: some of us more recently than others.  You're on a mission for a birthday gift.  Just the birthday gift.  You arrive at the store planning the fastest and most direct route to the register to pick up the gift card.  "Get in, buy the gift card, get out," you tell yourself.  You begin your quest when suddenly, a flash of bright purple pops up in your peripheral vision.  "What was that?" you ask yourself.  Nothing, it was nothing.  Ignore it.  Do what you came here to do.  You snag a gift card and wait in line to pay, keeping your eyes peeled front and center.  Do NOT look around.  Do NOT look around.  But that flash of purple is calling you like a siren's song.  Without knowing it, your gaze has shifted and has fallen on the *perfect* pair of purple suede heels for summer.  WARNING!  WARNING! You try to reason with yourself.  "I am only here for the gift card.  That's IT!.  Besides, I'm already in line.  Am I really going to give up my place in line to get a closer look?"  Yes.  Yes, you are.  You excuse yourself from the queue and approach the beckoning pair.  Upon closer examination you discover that not only are they the perfect hue of purple but they're suede!  You pick them up only to see that the pair you are holding are your exact size!  This must be a sign.  It is at this precise moment that you know you are entering dangerous waters.  Throwing caution to the wind, you roll up your jeans and slip them on one at a time.  "Why are you trying them on!?  You know what happens when you do this!" you remind yourself.  But it's no use.  One glimpse in the mirror of those beauties on your feet gives way to a wave of thoughts already forming in your head: outfits that would benefit from these shoes.  In a moment of desperation, you in a strange way, hope they are wayyy outside your budget in which case you'd have to put them back without question.  The moment of truth...they are totally in your grasp. GAHH! They're totally affordable.  You know you shouldn't buy them but they won't break the bank if you do.  What's a girl on a mission to do?

Standing in line with your shoes.  Oh, and the gift card.  Of course, the gift card.  You feel a strange cocktail of emotions: glee and guilt.  You pay for both items and leave the store feeling somewhat defeated. You came here for the gift card!  You had a plan!  What happened?  Just as the feelings of remorse begin to surface you glance down at your new acquisition and grin. Yeah, this pair of heels plus my was meant to be.

Again, we've all been there.  And thanks to this article from Cosmopolitan, we can self-soothe by blaming our shoe addictions on science.  LOL!

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to shopping?  Share with us!

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