Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Motivation: A coward dies a thousand times...

Happy Monday!  Did everyone enjoy their 4th?  I was a bit under the weather but was able to get lots of rest and am ready to take on the week!  I love this quote because it can apply to so many areas of life: love and relationships, career, even personal style.  Basically anything where risk or discomfort is involved.  It's  been compared to slowly wading into a cold pool of water vs. jumping in all at once.   Taking baby steps only prolongs the shock of the cold while jumping in all at once forces you to endure it for only a second or two before you're fully adjusted.  To be over-the-top dramatic: a little bit of life is taken each time you worry about what *could* happen or what other people think of you.  Be brave, take risks, live the life YOU want- taste death but once!

Have a wonderful week!


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