Thursday, July 23, 2015

#TBT Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This.  Movie.  There is so much right with this movie.  Let me count the ways....
For starters: SJP (waaay before Sex and the City), Shannon Doherty (pre- 90210) and Helen Hunt (before Mad About You), epic dance scenes and a story line that rivals that of the Breakfast Club or any other 80s teen movie.  Ugh... I could go on and on.

But the real star of this movie is that 80s fashion.  I SO wanted Janey's outfit in the final scene.  But yes, there is glitter, crimped hair, teased hair, male crop tops (yup), spandex body suits and oh, that memorable grasshopper hat.  Am I forgetting anything?

Hmm...I wonder if this movie is on Netflix...

Which character's style was your fav?  Let's talk about it...

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