Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Work It Wednesday #1

Hi guys!  Work dress codes.  If you've ever worked in customer service of any kind, you've probably been restricted in what you could wear while on the job.  There is no way around it.  It sucks.

Perhaps the most common is the dreaded all-black from head to toe dress code.  So many places have this requirement of their employees- and with varying degrees of severity, apparently.  While some jobs only require a black top and black pants, others take it a step further.  Recently a friend of mine was lamenting about how her company's all black policy extended to accessories as well.  Only metallics are acceptable, no color whatsoever, including on shoes.  Yikes!

With such a limited palette, what is a stylish girl to do?  Enter: Work It Wednesdays.

Each Wednesday I will feature some ideas of how to spice up a bland work wardrobe using common employee dress codes as inspiration.  The first of this series is pictured below:

This one's for you, friend! (wink, wink) Add a moto jacket or long line sweater and you're ready for drinks!

For each look, I'll take into consideration comfort, versatility of pieces and most importantly the details that can bring the look from hum drum to happy hour in a snap.

As always, you can find more information and links to each piece here.

Stumped about what you can do with your particular work place's dress code?  Let me know your wardrobe woes in the comments!  I'm here to help and I love challenges!  Plus, I may feature it on a future Work It Wednesday post.

All the best, lovelies!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Basics, Booties 'n' Beads

Good morning!  You've made it to Tuesday.  Always an accomplishment :)  I'm so excited that booties are starting to make an appearance again!  I couldn't resist taking these babies out of hibernation.  I paired them with some simple basics, perfect for layering when the temperature starts to dip. 

And of course there's the statement necklace that makes everything else just a little more special.  If you didn't catch this post about my love for statement necklaces, check it out and you'll better understand this obsession of mine.  I found this particular necklace at my fav thrift store here in NYC but I've  found some cute alternatives that are very similar, down to the grosgrain ribbon tie closure.  Links for everything are below!

Top: similar here, full length here / Skirt: similar here (multiple colors) / Boots: similar here (multiple colors, these are a little sexier! / Necklace: thrifted, similar here and here

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Motivation: Focus

Oh myyy... this rings so true to me.  I am the QUEEN of busy work.  You know when I'm avoiding doing something when my house is spotless!  Cleaning is my go-to activity when I'm procrastinating doing something else. Actually, my other go-to activity is bingeing on crappy reality TV- Real Housewives anyone?  So I guess of the two, cleaning is probably better.

Lots of people say they are too busy for this or for that but is what is keeping them "busy" actually productive?  Will it bring them closer to their goals?  If the answer is yes then kudos and keep on keeping on.  But if the answer is no, why deal with the stress of being busy if it's not getting them anywhere?


Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekend Web Look #4: Bronzed

Hi guys!  Hoping you were able to take advantage of all the second chances we had this week. (If you missed the Monday Motivation post, you can see it here.)

But now?  Now it's time for another weekend web look!

So again, all individual pieces are $100 or less with the whole look including accessories and shoes costing only $158.  Of course the star of this ensemble is the shirt dress, which can be swapped for any pattern.  Leave it loose or belt it for different looks.  I usually prefer bright colors but I'm loving the warm brown tones here for fall.  Curious about where you can purchase these pieces?  Check out my Polyvore page for info!

Cooler weather ahead this weekend.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

#TBT Fashion in History (1950's)

If I had to choose only one show to watch for the rest of my days, it would probably be I Love Lucy.  I've seen every episode multiple times and never get tired of them.  But by far, this episode ("The Fashion Show") is one of my favorites.  Not only do I consider Lucille Ball a comedic genius but I especially love any episodes that highlight the fashion of the 1950's.

This episode has the wives of major actors of the time participating in a fashion show, in which Lucy wants to participate.  So we, as the audience, are treated to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age and it's styles.  Love.  It.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Architectural Necklace

 In case you haven't noticed, I have a little thing for statement necklaces.  Once I find one I love, it's found a home forever with me.  I've a few of my gems for at least 10 years now and still wear them fairly regularly.  they make even the most basic everyday outfit shine with minimal effort.  Here is one of the newest additions to my collection.  Isn't she lovely?

 The only downside is that these can get a little heavy after wearing them for a few hours but hey, if these guys can do it, so can I! lol

Don't get me wrong.  I love my dainty pendant necklaces just as much but these just add maximum impact with little effort.  I got this one at Forever21 (here) but I've also seen some cool ones at H&M as well.  This one is great (but trendy) and I'm loving this one too.  While they cost a little more than the typical accessory at either store, they are definitely worth it just as long as you choose one that is more timeless and less trendy.

A close up:

 Happy statement making, lovelies!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Patterned Jumper

Today's IGNITE Inspiration look is a thrifted find.  I love these overalls.  So light-weight and comfy.  I paired them with a basic sports bra to spice it up a little and avoid looking too frumpy.  And of course, my favorite nude wedges.  To add to the playful look, I sported my Ariana Grande-esque!

There are some super cute jumpers (overalls) out right now.  Wanna find out where you can get this look?  Check out the links below.  Feel free to add your finds too in the comments section!

Jumper: thrift store find but I love this one, and this one.  And this one with a black bra?  *swoon* / Sports bra: here (3-pack!) / Heels: similar here or here

Enjoy lovelies!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Motivation: Every Day is a Second Chance

Hi guys!  This weekend was the perfect balance of work and play.  I love when that happens!  Which brings me to today's quote.  Don't be too hard on yourself!  It's ok to relax.  It's ok to take breaks.  Essential, I dare say.   So don't worry.  If you didn't get to that task today, tomorrow is your second chance.  Keep this in mind the next time you feel defeated and take advantage of the opportunity each new day brings.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Weekend Web Look #3

Man, this week went by fast!  Don't you just love it when that happens?  I've got a new schedule at work so still adjusting to the transition but I welcome the change of pace.  At least that's what I'm saying now!  Ask me again when it's pitch black out when the alarm clock rings.

To start off this weekend, here's another weekend web look for ya....perfect for a late summer picnic in the park.  Love!

Want to see where you can cop these pieces?  Check out Ignite Style at Polyvore here.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back to Life

So apparently it takes exactly a week to get back to reality after a vacay....for me at least.  And oh, what a vacation it was!  Eat, drink, beach, repeat.

Some highlights...

Feeling refreshed and renewed and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  Hope your weeks got off to a great start!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekend Web Look #3

We've made it through to another weekend!!  As a treat, here's another Polyvore look for you :)

This is one of the most affordable looks in my Polyvore closet at only $89.  Even less if you already have a good pair of skinny jeans.  Just switch out the top and you have a chic casual Friday outfit. 

Wanna know where you can find these pieces?  Check out the outfit page here for links!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

#TBT A Girl Always Remembers Her First....


This was circa 2003 in my first studio apartment in Miami.  Oh it was a beaut...complete with the refrigerator in the bathroom!!  Those were the days.  I must have owned about 3 versions of that shirt.  And those platform flip flops...smh.

What about you guys?  Any horror stories from your first place?  Do share!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Prettiest Store...

Seven years.  Seven years in Manhattan and I never knew this store existed.  Which store, you ask? 

ABC Carpet & Home

I was on one of my after-work walks and quite literally passed right by this store's entrance.  It's humble exterior doesn't exactly beckon pedestrians to come in.  But nevertheless, I decided to check it out.  As soon as I stepped inside the doors I knew I was a goner!  Beautiful handcrafted home furnishings and decor as far as the eye could see!  Though far from bargain prices, this store is chock full of inspiration- like a real life version of your Pinterest "Future Home" board.

The lower level housed kitchen items and was one of SEVEN floors, each focusing on a different area of the home.  From giant sectionals and chandeliers to tea kettles and  hand woven place mats, this store could (and did!) easily eat up an entire afternoon. 

 Every display is meticulously arranged to make even the simplest things shine (above).  And the building itself is pretty impressive too.  (below)  I even brought the hubs back the very next day just so I could show him this wonderland, lol!

If you don't live in the NYC area, they do have a website,, which is a pretty accurate representation what you can find at the actual store.  Again, if you're looking for IKEA prices, you won't find them here but it's definitely worth perusing if not only for the sheer beauty of the pieces but for inspiration as well. 

Enjoy!  And Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Boyfriend Jeans & Red Strappy Heels

The worst (Monday) is behind us!  Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today's look is all about comfort.  The perfect boyfriend jeans paired with a light-as-a-feather gauze top and some sassy heels.  This look could easily be carried into the fall season by replacing the shirt with one made of heavier fabric or even a sweater layered over it. 

Question: I love a little distressing on denim but I've seen jeans with some pretty extreme rips in some pretty peculiar places.  So how distressed is too distressed?

Get the look:
Gauze top: similar here (on sale), this one is cute too (also on sale!) / Jeans: here / Shoes: old F21 but similar here (with lots of colors!)