Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Prettiest Store...

Seven years.  Seven years in Manhattan and I never knew this store existed.  Which store, you ask? 

ABC Carpet & Home

I was on one of my after-work walks and quite literally passed right by this store's entrance.  It's humble exterior doesn't exactly beckon pedestrians to come in.  But nevertheless, I decided to check it out.  As soon as I stepped inside the doors I knew I was a goner!  Beautiful handcrafted home furnishings and decor as far as the eye could see!  Though far from bargain prices, this store is chock full of inspiration- like a real life version of your Pinterest "Future Home" board.

The lower level housed kitchen items and was one of SEVEN floors, each focusing on a different area of the home.  From giant sectionals and chandeliers to tea kettles and  hand woven place mats, this store could (and did!) easily eat up an entire afternoon. 

 Every display is meticulously arranged to make even the simplest things shine (above).  And the building itself is pretty impressive too.  (below)  I even brought the hubs back the very next day just so I could show him this wonderland, lol!

If you don't live in the NYC area, they do have a website,, which is a pretty accurate representation what you can find at the actual store.  Again, if you're looking for IKEA prices, you won't find them here but it's definitely worth perusing if not only for the sheer beauty of the pieces but for inspiration as well. 

Enjoy!  And Happy Hump Day!

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