Monday, October 19, 2015

Look-a-Like: Jhené Aiko

This chick is literally flawless.  She is a total chameleon switching up her style from bohemian one day to street chic the next and trendy the next.   Def an "igniter" in my eyes.  Perfect example of this is in her video for "Spotless Mind".  Love.

Today's post features a really trendy look right now which would look great on all shapes and sizes.

Can you believe she has a child!?  Gorgeous.  Anyway, I digress.  Here is the look for less:

Yep, you saw that right.  Everything (including shoes!) for $84.  I chose a simpler dress, without the cowl neckline just because it's more versatile but there are tons of styles like this to choose from out there at a similar price point.  Find details and links to these pieces here.

Jhené fans....are you out there?

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