Friday, October 9, 2015

Tips for Rocking: Flares & Bell Bottoms

Hi guys!  Following yesterday's post, I've put together some things to consider when wearing flares or bell bottoms, that is, if you're into the long leggy kinda look.  And really, who isn't?
Generally speaking, I prefer darker washes with minimal fading or distressing.  Lighter washes can work too but again, with more uniform color and not too much distressing.  Higher rises elongate the legs even further depending on what type of shirt you pair them with.

Regarding tops: form fitting, loose, tucked, untucked.  Pretty much anything goes but steer away from tops that fall below the knee if you want to avoid looking too bulky.

 Finally, to avoid looking too costume-y, aim for silhouettes where the actual flare looks more like a tall skinny triangle (as shown above, left) instead of a wider pyramid (like this).

What are your tips for donning this trend?  Share with us!

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