Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Work It Wednesday #4

This week, I'm taking a break from the all black work wear and moving on to another very unique dress code.  You know where this is from!

I love Target but the dress code for their employees?  Not so much.  This one posed more of a challenge than I expected.  Finding comfy shoes was most important and given the color palette of khaki and red, I felt like the shoes really needed to be the star so I found these cuties.  The pants upped the total cost for this outfit too and there are certainly cheaper options for skinny khakis but I liked the details on these and thought they complemented the shoes better.

Whaddya think?  For more details on these pieces plus links on where to find/purchase them, check out my Polyvore page.

Have a different dress code dilemma?  I'm here.  Let me have it!

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