Wednesday, November 25, 2015

4 Must-Have Items for Your BEST NYC Vacation

Planning a trip to the Big Apple?  Well, get ready for a truly unforgettable experience.

It's common knowledge that NYC is a fast-paced, bustling, crowded metropolis.  It's been the setting for countless TV series and movies but is rarely portrayed exactly how it is, leaving the viewer with a somewhat unrealistic or glossy image of what everyday NYC life is like. 

So here we go: a crash course in essential items to make your NYC trip smoother.


With so much to see and do, you'll most likely be out and about for most of your stay.  Clutches, as cute as they may be, will not cut it.  You'll need a bag large enough to carry your personal items (phone, water, sunglasses etc.) but also any purchases you make throughout the day, guide books (if using), and your sweater/jacket.  I recommend cross-body bags since they free up your hands and are easy to access, which is especially helpful while shopping.  Most of them also give you the option of wearing them as a shoulder bag, which is great.  They're also a safer option than backpacks in regards to pick-pocketing and other types of theft.  NYC can be pretty dirty so steer clear of light colored or suede bags, which will show dirt more easily.

H&M, $24.99

Forever 21, $27.90

H&M, $29.99


I'm gonna come right out and say it.  The NYC in Sex and The City is not that of most New Yorkers!  Wearing heels (of any kind) to traipse around the city all day, or even half the day, IS. NOT. REALISTIC.  I cannot tell you how many times (in broad daylight, mind you) I have seen women hobbling around on their stilettos, band-aids on heels and knees buckling, in sheer agony- an attempt to replicate their favorite Carrie Bradshaw look.  Not a pretty picture. So unless you want to shell out a small fortune on Uber rides to/from all of your destinations, wear comfy (yet stylish!) shoes. 

Going out for a night on the town?  By all means, rock those heels!  But be sure to have a pair of Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats.  I swear by them and always bring them with me whenever I'm sporting heels.  They come with their own pouch, have a sturdy rubber bottom and fold in half to fit in the tiniest of purses.  Please, I beg you.  Do not be one of those girls walking barefoot on the street with heels in hand.  Not only is it hazardous but it is DISGUSTING!  Do I really need to go into what ends up on streets after a night of partying?  'Nuff said.

Amazon, $11


Scarves are not merely accessories to the New York resident.  They are indispensable wardrobe staples which serve many important functions past fashion:

- they protect against strong winds created by streets lined with skyscrapers
- they can be worn or taken off with ease depending on whether you are walking on the sunny side of the street or the chilly shadows of tall buildings.
- they block unwanted breath on your neck on crowded trains during rush hour...ew!
- when held to the nose and mouth, they can be used to filter out any offensive odors you may encounter in transit

I recommend bringing one heavier scarf and one lighter scarf, both of which can be worn with several outfits.
Old Navy, $12.50

H&M, $12.99


Any visitor to the city will quickly realize that time is of the essence seemingly everywhere you go.  There is a constant sense of urgency, whether merited or not.  Therefore, easy access to your valuables is of the utmost importance.  By valuables I mean your ID, credit cards, cash and Metro Card and there is no better way to keep these within easy reach than to use a small card holder.  Wallets often contain too many compartments and unnecessary items making them bulkier than necessary and also more inconvenient.  So to avoid any side-eyes, eye rolls or snide remarks from impatient commuters or fellow customers, ditch the clunky wallets and opt for a straight-forward, no frills, easy-to-whip-out-any-card-you-need-in-an-instant, card holder.   (For the record, I do not recommend those phone case/card carrier combos.  If you lose your phone, you lose everything!)

So there you have it, the Top 4 Must-Pack Items for Your Best NYC Vacation.  Be safe, be adventurous and have the time of your life!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Motionless in Pink

Ok.  So I know what you're thinking.  And if you're easily offended, this post probably isn't for you.  However, if you like aesthetics and graphic design, you can appreciate images that push the envelope.

I've worn this tank a few times but always pair it with another top or jacket to soften the look up a bit.  The real prize of this outfit is that pair of shoes!  I came across these at Necessary Clothing, a trendy chain here in NYC, earlier this summer. At $8, I could NOT pass them up.  I figured they, in their hot pink glory, would be a great girly complement to the shirt.

Finally, if you've been following me for a while, you might recognize the sunnies from this post.  They're green and they are velvet!  Probably the only velvet thing I will ever own.  I don't know what it is, but while I love how it feels, I've never seen an article of velvet clothing that I liked....yick.  If you've got any suggestions, please- I'd love to know if such an item actually exists.

Hopefully I can get another wear or two outta these shoes before it gets too cold.  Otherwise, I'll have to save 'em for biggie.

Tank: promo item, something more PC, here / Jeans: here / Jacket: similar here / Shoes: similar here and love these / Scarf: old, coveting this one / Sunnies: here (for locations)

I'm serious about that velvet thing.  I dare you.  No.  I even challenge you to find a decent looking item of velvet clothing.  Let me have it!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Who Wore It Better: Peek-a-Boo Gowns

Did you all watch the American Music Awards last night?  I caught bits and pieces of it but wasn't able to see the whole thing.  What I did pick up on was more of what I like to call the peek-a-boo gown trend. 

In the past year, we've seen this style popping up (and out, LOL!) on red carpets everywhere from music award shoes to the Met Gala.

Just a few:


Selita E Banks


Jennifer Lopez
No doubt, these gowns are all meticulously crafted works of art but I'm just curious to hear what you guys have to say.  Are these body baring dresses tasteful or tacky?  Are you of the "less is more" or "if you got it, flaunt it" camp?  Which celeb pulls it off best? 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Raindrops Keep Falling

It's another rainy day here in NYC but not a problem!  I've come up with another cute collection of rain gear that is sure to brighten this dreary day ahead of us.

I just have to say...these are one of my favorite kinds of outfits to put together, I don't know why.  The best part is that any of the rain boots used in these outfits can easily be worn as snow boots- just be sure to wear heavier/warmer socks!

If you're interested in any of these pieces, you can find links to the items here.  In case you missed them, some prior rainy day collections can be found here and here!

If you're by me, have a great Thursday and stay dry!  If you're not by me, enjoy your pre-winter weather while you can!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Leopard Duster

The worst is behind us.  Nothing against Mondays but....

Actually, no but.  We'll keep it at the worst is behind us.  LOL!

Moving on, we've got this weeks IGNITE Inspiration.  I bought this sweater (duster) back in the springtime but luckily they are trending big time and there are tons of cute options out there.  I'm so glad I can wear it again now that it's cooler out.  More on that in a sec.  But first, a silly pic...cuz we all know those are the best kind.

Like seriously.  It's hard for me to not do silly faces in even the most serious of pictures.  Obvs, I can manage, but the urge is always there...lurking.


This is an outfit of favorites.  I love the hood on this sweater and of course, the print.  I also live in these boots.  I've had them forever and hope they've got a few more years left in 'em cuz I love them so.  To get this look, I've got links for ya below!

Sweater: similar here but I love the details on this one, ok and this one too / Jeans: here / Top: here / Boots: similar here or here / Sunnies: similar here

See?  You can't tell, but I'm holding back here.  =0P

Have a wonderful day, loves!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Look-a-Like: Zendaya

Good morning!  Hope you all had a restful weekend.  I'm feeling so much better today after lots of much-needed naps over the past few days.  That being said, I'm ready to share a new Look-a-Like!

I have to say, I wasn't really familiar with Zendaya.  What first caught my attention was this story where she calls the fashion industry out on aggressively retouching photos and therefore promoting "unrealistic ideals of beauty".   A brave move for such a young actress.  Cheers to that!

I'm happy to announce that this is by far the lowest cost for any outfit on IGNITE Style so far.  Coming in way below $100 at a teeny tiny $64, this look is so simple and so chic.  Added bonus:  every piece in this outfit is extremely versatile, dare I say wardrobe staple worthy. 

These pumps will serve you well.  Wear them with jeans and a white button up or with your fav LBD, they go. with. everything.  The sweater?  I'm thinking some leather leggings with sassy booties.  Gold bangles and hoops are a given.  Where can I get this outfit, you say?  Click here for links to each item!

Have a fabulous day, lovelies!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Web Look: Black, White, Pink

TGIF.  I've never meant it so much!  Just a few more hours left today and we'll be home free!

Without further ado, here is a great look for date night or a night out with the girls (minus the sunglasses, of course). I love the bold stripes and pop of color on the feet. 

This one isn't quite under $100 but I'll bet you have at least one of these pieces already in your wardrobe.  For more details and links to these items, here you go!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sniffles and Soggy Clothes

I think I'm getting siiiiick.  I blame the children at my job.  THEY DID THIS TO ME!!  LOL.

And... it's supposed to rain again today.  Hopefully it's not going to be one of those "it's windy too so let's rain sideways making even the biggest and best umbrellas completely useless thereby drenching all you pedestrians from the waist down" days.

What is one supposed to wear on a day like this, when every fiber of her being just wants to curl up in a fuzzy blue blanket on the sofa with hot tea, chicken noodle soup and cookies and watch bad daytime TV between intermittent naps all day? 

Sorry, I'm back.  Well, if I must venture out today, a cute weather-friendly outfit like this would help a little, I guess:

Yep, the shirt says it all.  But seriously, those rainboots!  Links to items can be found here.  Have a great day lovelies!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Work It Wednesday #7

This week's Work It Wednesday look was curated with "front of the house" employees in mind but would be great for anyone with a little more creative freedom (in terms of dress codes) at their job.

Comfort is key for anyone who is on their feet most of the time.  I always try to keep this in mind when putting together these looks.  Especially the shoes!  While these shoes do have height, they're wedges and platforms at that so the incline is actually pretty manageable. 

This look goes straight from work to cocktails or date night seamlessly and all of it's pieces are so versatile.  And all of it (including accessories) is $100.  Can't beat that. 

Click here for more information and links for each of these items!

Know someone who'd look great in this collection?  Hook 'em up and share this post!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Printed Sweatshirt

Hi guys!  Today's look follows one of my favorite formulas for fall outfits.  Bulky top + shorts + black tights + boots.  It's a perfect way to transition your warm weather clothes into your winter wardrobe.

I found this sweatshirt in the men's section of Century 21, of all places.  I hadn't *planned* on buying anything that day but I'm a sucker for interesting prints and this one practically jumped off the rack when I passed by.  I had to have it.

It's so wacky, I love it.

Moral of the story- don't be afraid to poke around other departments.  You never know what you may find!  This baby was 62% off the original price!  Links to pieces below:

Sweatshirt: similar here / shorts: here / tights: here / boots: old, similar here / beanie: here

I'm curious.  What are your secret spots for finding bargains?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Look-a-Like: Beyoncé

Good morning, friends!  I've got a treat for you today.  I need not tell you who the subject of this week's Look-a-Like is.  I'm so loving this edgier look on her:

The Stevie Wonder Hotter than July album tee is perfection.  But can we just discuss that unbelievable leather moto jacket??  I mean seriously- those orange inserts on the sleeves and contrasting lining are what moto jacket dreams are made of.  I don't even wanna know how much that baby costs.  Luckily, we've got tons of more affordable alternatives.  How does $110 for the whole outfit sound?  I promise, I'm not shitting you.  Check it out:

So there you have it.  The Queen Bey's look for just over $100.  And the best part?  You can totally mix and match these pieces into so many other outfits.  Click here for more info and links to all of these items.

I so wanted to include a music vid in this post but couldn't narrow it down to one fav.  Suggestions?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekend Web Look: Prismatic

Woohoo!  Another week done!  Let's welcome the weekend with this cheery look:

In case you couldn't tell, I love beanies.  My favorite beanie is hot pink and I can't get enough of it in the winter time.  If you are not a fan, I can't be friends with you  it's nbd but they do add a little something to the outfit, ya know?

This look comes in at under $100 again...whaaat?  Yep, including the shoes.  In the season of dark, earthy colors, you'll definitely stand out in this outfit.  But that's a good thing, right?  Right.

As always, head on over here for more details on these pieces and where to find them.  Oh, and be sure to share this with your color-loving friends!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trending: Geodes & Semi-Precious Stones

Back in January, the hubs and I were fortunate enough to check an item off our bucket list by taking our belated honeymoon to Brazil.  It is impossible to narrow down a "favorite" place on our trip (as we visited a few parts of the country) but I can say that Bahia was absolutely enchanting.  The natural beauty of this place is all encompassing and unrelenting.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In Salvador, we visited one of the oldest marketplaces in the country, Mercado Modelo (in operation since 1861).  It was here that I became fixated (again) on geodes.

Side note: I've always been attracted to these strange rocks- rough and unassuming on the outside but glittering and sparkling on the inside.  So much so that at the age of about 9, I begged my mom to buy me one of those "excavation" kits where you could dig through a slab of clay and find your own unpolished semi-precious stones.  Yeah, I was all about that.

Back to the market: they had the typical tourist trappings but no, I wasn't interested in those.  I had my eyes set on these gorgeous wind chimes made of thin slices of geodes.  They came in every color under the sun (and are heavy as hell! but hey, that's how you can tell they are the real deal!).  I bought a black one.

The variety of natural stones in this place (and country!) is nothing short of astounding.  Needless to say, my love for these works of nature only deepened with this trip. So it pleases the inner child in me to see that these lovely stones are trending right now.  Brazil, we WILL be back.  How can we not?  But for now, these reminders will have to suffice:

1. Penant Necklace: here / 2. Bangles: here / 3. Lg Penant Necklaces: here / 4. Phone case: here (different sizes & models) / 5. Earrings: here (part of a set!) / 6. Ring: here / 7. Ring: here /
8. Bangle: here

Love!  How will you guys *rock* (I know, sorry) this trend?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Work It Wednesday #6

I just can't stop with the all black outfits.  What can I say?  NYC residents love their black clothes, uniform or not.  Anyway, here it is in all its comfy glory:

Obviously, if you're not allowed to wear dresses at your place of employment, this week's look isn't for you but for those of you with more freedom for creativity- lucky you!

I'm so loving the accessories here.  I think my jewelry stash is lacking.  Yes, lacking this necklace.  I must have it.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I want it all.  And for only $80, who wouldn't?

For more information on these pieces and links to where to find them, click here.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Yellow Knit Sweater

Hi guys!  We are still at about 65 degrees here in NY- too cold for t-shirts, too hot for coats but perfect for sweaters!  This little ditty has been in the fall line-up for a few seasons now.  I got it from the clearance rack at Anthropologie, which frankly is the only way I would buy something there.  Don't get me wrong.  I adore the store....but not the price tags!

For the sweater, I highly recommend a visit to your local thrift store.  Maybe even a browse in the men's section for an oversized look.  For added coverage, I paired the sweater with OTK socks and boots.

A printed chunky scarf adds visual interest and can always be worn as a wrap should the temperature choose to plummet!

Get the look:

Sweater: old, but this one and this one are cute / OTK socks: here / OTK boots: similar here / scarf: here 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Look-a-Like: Zoe Saldana

This week's look-a-like can be described as nothing other than: classic.  While Saldana is not really one to push the envelope when it comes to innovative style, she pulls off the classics impeccably. 

Every piece in this look is super versatile and timeless.  The different textures add interest to a neutral palette.  Check out my take on this outfit below:

The strongest features of this outfit are the structure of the coat, varying textures and simple color palette, all of which I kept in mind when collecting these pieces.  The best part?  A completely timeless (aka numerous uses!) look all for under $100- yes, including the clutch!

For complete details on each piece and links on where to find them, click here.

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