Wednesday, November 25, 2015

4 Must-Have Items for Your BEST NYC Vacation

Planning a trip to the Big Apple?  Well, get ready for a truly unforgettable experience.

It's common knowledge that NYC is a fast-paced, bustling, crowded metropolis.  It's been the setting for countless TV series and movies but is rarely portrayed exactly how it is, leaving the viewer with a somewhat unrealistic or glossy image of what everyday NYC life is like. 

So here we go: a crash course in essential items to make your NYC trip smoother.


With so much to see and do, you'll most likely be out and about for most of your stay.  Clutches, as cute as they may be, will not cut it.  You'll need a bag large enough to carry your personal items (phone, water, sunglasses etc.) but also any purchases you make throughout the day, guide books (if using), and your sweater/jacket.  I recommend cross-body bags since they free up your hands and are easy to access, which is especially helpful while shopping.  Most of them also give you the option of wearing them as a shoulder bag, which is great.  They're also a safer option than backpacks in regards to pick-pocketing and other types of theft.  NYC can be pretty dirty so steer clear of light colored or suede bags, which will show dirt more easily.

H&M, $24.99

Forever 21, $27.90

H&M, $29.99


I'm gonna come right out and say it.  The NYC in Sex and The City is not that of most New Yorkers!  Wearing heels (of any kind) to traipse around the city all day, or even half the day, IS. NOT. REALISTIC.  I cannot tell you how many times (in broad daylight, mind you) I have seen women hobbling around on their stilettos, band-aids on heels and knees buckling, in sheer agony- an attempt to replicate their favorite Carrie Bradshaw look.  Not a pretty picture. So unless you want to shell out a small fortune on Uber rides to/from all of your destinations, wear comfy (yet stylish!) shoes. 

Going out for a night on the town?  By all means, rock those heels!  But be sure to have a pair of Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats.  I swear by them and always bring them with me whenever I'm sporting heels.  They come with their own pouch, have a sturdy rubber bottom and fold in half to fit in the tiniest of purses.  Please, I beg you.  Do not be one of those girls walking barefoot on the street with heels in hand.  Not only is it hazardous but it is DISGUSTING!  Do I really need to go into what ends up on streets after a night of partying?  'Nuff said.

Amazon, $11


Scarves are not merely accessories to the New York resident.  They are indispensable wardrobe staples which serve many important functions past fashion:

- they protect against strong winds created by streets lined with skyscrapers
- they can be worn or taken off with ease depending on whether you are walking on the sunny side of the street or the chilly shadows of tall buildings.
- they block unwanted breath on your neck on crowded trains during rush hour...ew!
- when held to the nose and mouth, they can be used to filter out any offensive odors you may encounter in transit

I recommend bringing one heavier scarf and one lighter scarf, both of which can be worn with several outfits.
Old Navy, $12.50

H&M, $12.99


Any visitor to the city will quickly realize that time is of the essence seemingly everywhere you go.  There is a constant sense of urgency, whether merited or not.  Therefore, easy access to your valuables is of the utmost importance.  By valuables I mean your ID, credit cards, cash and Metro Card and there is no better way to keep these within easy reach than to use a small card holder.  Wallets often contain too many compartments and unnecessary items making them bulkier than necessary and also more inconvenient.  So to avoid any side-eyes, eye rolls or snide remarks from impatient commuters or fellow customers, ditch the clunky wallets and opt for a straight-forward, no frills, easy-to-whip-out-any-card-you-need-in-an-instant, card holder.   (For the record, I do not recommend those phone case/card carrier combos.  If you lose your phone, you lose everything!)

So there you have it, the Top 4 Must-Pack Items for Your Best NYC Vacation.  Be safe, be adventurous and have the time of your life!

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