Tuesday, November 17, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Leopard Duster

The worst is behind us.  Nothing against Mondays but....

Actually, no but.  We'll keep it at the worst is behind us.  LOL!

Moving on, we've got this weeks IGNITE Inspiration.  I bought this sweater (duster) back in the springtime but luckily they are trending big time and there are tons of cute options out there.  I'm so glad I can wear it again now that it's cooler out.  More on that in a sec.  But first, a silly pic...cuz we all know those are the best kind.

Like seriously.  It's hard for me to not do silly faces in even the most serious of pictures.  Obvs, I can manage, but the urge is always there...lurking.


This is an outfit of favorites.  I love the hood on this sweater and of course, the print.  I also live in these boots.  I've had them forever and hope they've got a few more years left in 'em cuz I love them so.  To get this look, I've got links for ya below!

Sweater: similar here but I love the details on this one, ok and this one too / Jeans: here / Top: here / Boots: similar here or here / Sunnies: similar here

See?  You can't tell, but I'm holding back here.  =0P

Have a wonderful day, loves!

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