Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trending: Geodes & Semi-Precious Stones

Back in January, the hubs and I were fortunate enough to check an item off our bucket list by taking our belated honeymoon to Brazil.  It is impossible to narrow down a "favorite" place on our trip (as we visited a few parts of the country) but I can say that Bahia was absolutely enchanting.  The natural beauty of this place is all encompassing and unrelenting.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In Salvador, we visited one of the oldest marketplaces in the country, Mercado Modelo (in operation since 1861).  It was here that I became fixated (again) on geodes.

Side note: I've always been attracted to these strange rocks- rough and unassuming on the outside but glittering and sparkling on the inside.  So much so that at the age of about 9, I begged my mom to buy me one of those "excavation" kits where you could dig through a slab of clay and find your own unpolished semi-precious stones.  Yeah, I was all about that.

Back to the market: they had the typical tourist trappings but no, I wasn't interested in those.  I had my eyes set on these gorgeous wind chimes made of thin slices of geodes.  They came in every color under the sun (and are heavy as hell! but hey, that's how you can tell they are the real deal!).  I bought a black one.

The variety of natural stones in this place (and country!) is nothing short of astounding.  Needless to say, my love for these works of nature only deepened with this trip. So it pleases the inner child in me to see that these lovely stones are trending right now.  Brazil, we WILL be back.  How can we not?  But for now, these reminders will have to suffice:

1. Penant Necklace: here / 2. Bangles: here / 3. Lg Penant Necklaces: here / 4. Phone case: here (different sizes & models) / 5. Earrings: here (part of a set!) / 6. Ring: here / 7. Ring: here /
8. Bangle: here

Love!  How will you guys *rock* (I know, sorry) this trend?

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