Thursday, December 10, 2015

10 Gift Ideas For: The Cat Lover

I love my cat.  He is most definitely our fur baby....and he knows it.  If you follow IGNITE Style on IG, his freckled little face pops up every once in a while.  If you don't follow me on IG, you're missing out!   But really, I know there are a lot of you out there who either 1) share this affinity for felines or 2) know someone who does.  Enter, this gift guide:

1.  Rounded Cat Eye Sunnies, $6
     A classic shape, flattering on most anyone and SO affordable.  Available in a beautiful olive color

2.  Maneki Neko in White, $11
     In Japanese, "maneki neko" means beckoning cat.  They come in a rainbow of colors, each one
     representing something different.  White represents health.  When placed in a door or window of
     a home or business, this little guy is said to attract good health and prosperity.  

3.  Gingham Sleeping Mask, $16
     Cat naps are not complete without this cute cat-shaped eye mask!

4.  Kitty Earrings, $14 (currently on sale!)
     These bold earrings are not for the timid.  Buy these for the cat lover that loves to make a

5.  Cat-shaped Paper Clips, ~$6 (12 pcs)
     Desk jobs can be downright drudgery.  So who wouldn't want to brighten their day (and desk!)
     with these cute clips?  They come in different kitty poses- standing, sitting, stretching, jumping. 
     Just be sure they clip papers that stay on your desk.  Give them away and you'll never get them

6.  Cat Butt Magnets, $10 (set of 6)
     What can I say?  Any cat owner will appreciate the humor in these.

7.  Polka Dot Lint Roller, $2
     A fact of life for any cat owner:  the constant battle against cat hair!  Give the cat lover in your life
     the advantage with this stylish roller.

8.  Wine Stopper,  $12
     An opened wine bottle that still contains wine??  An unusual phenomenon.  Luckily they make
     this adorable wine stopper to keep it fresh until your next pour....that is, considering their cat has
     not knocked over and broken each of their wine glasses in the meantime.

9.  Slip-on Shoes, $30
     Leopard print:  sassy and timeless.  Add comfy to the mix and you've got these shoes.

10.  Men And Cats book, $15
      One word: me-ow.

So there you have it!  10 gifts (mostly $15 and under) for your fellow cat fanciers.  Oh and yes, they are all Mante approved.

Mante, as I sit here writing this post.  Looking like a roast turkey.

Have anything to add to this list?  I love to see what people can find when it comes to cat stuff.  Let me know!

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