Monday, December 14, 2015

10 Gift Ideas for: The Drinking Buddy

The drinking buddy.  We've all got one.  Hell, some of us have several!  There through all the happy hours, boozy brunches and Bravo drinking games they are always down for a fun time.  Show them how much they and their boozy ways are appreciated with these:

Wine, beer, rum or something with a little more, shall we say, octane?  We've got 'em covered.  And all for less than $50.

     For the foodie friend who's always looking for ways to have their brews and eat them too.

     Turnt, Blitzed, Pickled, Sauced or all of the above?  The perfect seasonal drinking glasses for your
     favorite that liquor-loving pal.

     I like my drinks muddled, not stirred.  And mojitos are my absolute fave.  If your pal is like me 
     and can't get enough of these tangy and dangerously addictive drinks, this book is the gift that 
     keeps on giving....a good buzz.

4.  Mojito Set, $18
     Yeah, I couldn't help myself.  Reference #3.  But really, the vintage look of these highballs is 

     For the ladies who can hold their own....liquor, that is.  These shot glasses may look dainty but 
     their contents will be anything but.  Pinkies up!

     Why settle for a Pilsner or IPA when you can sample four, count 'em, four different types of beer 
     at the same time?  Great for the beer enthusiast.

     Brought to you by none other than the Brooklyn Brewery, this kit is perfect for the DIY-er.  
     "This kit will give both seasoned brewers and beginners the opportunity to deconstruct one of our 
     favorite creations and understand what really makes it tick." -Brooklyn Brewery

     Vodka drinkers will love this solid copper mug specially crafted for the famous NYC drink but can
     be used with any cold beverage.

9.  Mitten Flask Set, $24
     Ohh, so that's how they keep warm while they wait for that NYE ball to drop!  You have a friend 
     in mind for this right now, don't you?

10.  Levels Wine Glass, $13
       I know some people who will need to put this glass in their daily rotation.  And by "people", I 
       mean "me".  Who's with me?

These are such fun gifts.  Did I miss any?  Sharing is caring.  Bottoms up!


** Did you miss my previous gift posts?  No worries!  I've got you covered. :)

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