Tuesday, December 29, 2015

IGNITE Inspiration: Faux Fur Poncho

Hi guys!  Still pretty mild here in New York, which is great because that means more time to wear transitional pieces like this faux fur poncho. 

I hadn't planned on getting this when I went to the thrift store.  I was looking for something entirely different but isn't this always the case when we go shopping?  You spot the item.  Then you pick it up (mistake #1).  Then you hold it up to see how it *would* look, *if* you were to buy it (mistake #2).  Then you figure, "what the hell.  I'll just try it on to see if it actually looks good (mistake #3).  You hold it for a while and finally end up buying it.  Don't tell me you haven't been there.

But this little poncho is no mistake.  She was actually a sample from some no name designer/manufacturer- lucky me!  I've worn her a few times since I bought her a month ago and we get along just fine :)  Btw, they had a GORGEOUS blue fur capelet behind the counter but it was a no go....real rabbit thanks.

So as not to compete with the cape, I kept everything else simple: dark denim skinnies, black platform booties and black sunnies.

This is the closest match I could find for this poncho but it is 5x the price!  Ponchos and faux fur are both pretty popular items this season so it's definitely worth checking out your local thrift store to see if you can score one for cheap.  Similar skinnies here and booties here.

Find any gems lately?  Share!

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  1. I love wearing poncho too and normally make it for some formal gatherings like wedding etc but your this faux fur poncho is so beautiful.