Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cold Days, Cozy Scarves

Some gifts are luxurious.  Some are useful.  But the best gifts are both of these things. 
This Christmas, my mom knitted the hubby and I some beautiful wool scarves.  She's amazing when it comes to needlework.  Check out some of her work:

Isn't this awesome??  I saw this idea on Pinterest and after a few modifications this was the final product!  Gotta get it framed ASAP!

These 12 Days of Christmas ornaments are so intricate and so pretty.  I love them.  Good work, mom!

And now, on to the scarves...

Of course, mine is in black and white.  Hubby got a blue version.  I paired it with my go-to LBD from American Apparel and OTK boots.  Knowing me, I'd probably throw a black beanie on too but it looks great as is.

Here's a close up:

I love having hand-made items sprinkled throughout my wardrobe and home.  They add a little more personality and meaning and best of all, noone else will have them!

These are a few of mine....What are your favorite bespoke items?  Share, share!

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