Thursday, January 14, 2016

#TBT Deadly Fashion

Oh, the things women (and sometimes men) do for beauty.  Implants of any/everything you can imagine, cancer-causing tanning beds, and this  You've probably seen images like these floating around:

Yep, waist training- aka modern day corsets.  For some (including myself) these are extreme measures to go to for beauty and are certainly not a new concept but they're nothing compared to some trends highlighted in a story featured on entitled 25 of History's Deadliest Fashion and Beauty Trends.  Just a few examples: 
Sky high wigs attracted and housed a variety of pests....

Now, I've heard of a lot of these trends but Muslin Disease was new to me:  Dampening the body before dressing which resulted in the muslin fabric of the dress clinging to the body to accentuate curves.  In cold weather, it ultimately led to pneumonia and other potentially fatal illnesses.
Sheesh!  This stuff is hard core.
Check out the full story for a quick, interesting read: 25 of History's Deadliest Fashion and Beauty Trends
Moral of the story: There is nothing wrong with enhancing the attributes you are born with but nothing is worth putting your health at risk!  (After all, hospital gowns are notoriously unflattering.)
Have you tried any controversial dietary, surgical or fashion trends in the name of beauty?  How far is too far?  Let's hear it!

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