Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's National Umbrella Day!

Who knew?  Personally, I'm glad.  Umbrellas are the most under appreciated, overlooked accessory :(
Here in NYC, we're a city of pedestrians so a good umbrella is absolutely essential!  And I'm not talking about the $2 kind that break within 5 minutes of buying know the ones I'm talking about...

A bright, fun umbrella (like this one) is just what any gloomy day needs.  And paired with stylish rain gear (like this and this) you're sure to stand out.

Now if only I could get one of these guys to follow me around:

 Ah, if only.

Anyway, I'll leave you on this National Umbrella Day with a pic of this lovely art installation in Agueda, Portugal:

 Has anyone been here?  What a perfectly lovely way to spend a summer afternoon :)

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