Thursday, February 11, 2016

#TBT 100 Years of Fashion: Workout Style via

Have you guys checked out's 100 Years of Fashion Series?  This one is about Workout style and oh man, it's a doosie...


That 70s leotard was the game changer, it seems.  And those 80s slouch socks (2 pairs, of course)...lawd!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I had a *very* similar get-up to the 90s one.  I took gymnastics at the leotard was black and I wore a pair of black and white geometric biker shorts....underneath the leotard.  Thank God I don't have a pic of that.  But even if I did, I wouldn't show it!

So let's hear it... if you had to pick- which decade (before the 2000s) would you re-visit?  I think I'd have to go with 80s....ugly as hell but at least it's fun!

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