Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#TuesdayShoesday: Multi-Colored Moccasins

Never underestimate big box stores.  While I love F21 and H&M, some of my best finds have come from Walmart, and in this case Kmart!

(ICYMI, more of my big box bargains here and here.)

These were a complete impulse buy, which is funny because normally I shun the typical impulse buys like candy or gum.  But put me near a great bargain on shoes?  BAM!  There's my impulse buy.

I don't remember what I was picking up at the time but on my way to the register, I passed these cuties.  They stood out from the sea of heavy black winter shoes that lined the aisles so I took a peek at the price tag and found them on sale for $6!  (I found them here for full price but it's def worth checking to see if they're on sale at your local store too).

They're lined with faux shearling and have a fairly thick rubber sole which makes them pretty warm and comfy.

The pattern and color are just so sunny and bright- much needed on these late winter days when the clouds and overcast seem like a constant presence.

They're pretty well-constructed and VERY comfortable.  I pair them with dark or black skinny jeans and whatever color shirt- they go with everything!  More on that in a future post...

Here they are out on the town!  We ran into a random street fair in Chinatown.  Confetti covered the streets and was just so cheery.  That's the beauty of NYC, you never know what you're gonna find.  Plus, we got to play with this little guy...

And I do mean play....he came into the restaurant where we were eating and "bit" me as he danced cute!  Apparently, this is considered to be good luck!

Such a great day.  I credit the shoes  :)

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