Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Watch How Designers at Dior Craft the Prettiest Pleats via Refinery29

ICYMI, last week I posted this video showing how a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps is made.  Wasn't it mesmerizing?

Well, I can never get enough of watching masters at their craft, especially when it involves working with their hands building or creating something out of nothing-- hello, Bob Ross and his happy little clouds!  LOL.

I guess it's because of this that I also loved New Yankee Workshop, with Norm Abrams.  Yeah, he was the shit.  Look it up, you'll see!

Anyway, here is a vid from Refinery 29 on making the prettiest lighter-than-air, pleated pieces you've ever seen (from Dior). 


After seeing just what goes into making one of these couture pieces, is it really any wonder why they are so expensive?

 Just beautiful!

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  1. I always love to watch the making of anything. WOW! A dior crafting is something really mesmerizing for me. Loved the video, the yankee's workshop is a great sight to watch the making of craft. Kudos!